Our Story

Just a small town girl from the 50’s.  I worked in the corporate medical industry for years, then retired to run a fashion and cosmetic retail. It’s been really fun being a biz owner where my main task was “shopping for the shop”.  However, business changed and the shopping method of choice turned to online for most everyone.

Simply put, I know how to enhance the look and feel of the face and body I was born with.  I have always loved researching for the right hair color or lipstick, eye enhancement and latest fashion.  You get the idea, I am a curious, high energy shopaholic, always looking for the answer to my problem areas, and will put that to work for you.

As the years passed by, I learned firsthand that aging is not kind. Today, my needs have gotten much tougher.  Now it’s not just the right colors, but focused outcome is now on the need of anti-aging products. My personal needs have expanded to finding relief for slight body aches and pain, so my research has expanded... 

Thus, the launch of youngermeshop.com